The VonnyBee Diary so far!


Well what can we say Hope Street Food Festival (which should be titled “eat festival”) was a fabulous day filled with lots of yummy food stalls and the crowd and the stall holders all had a lot of fun? It was suggested by many that this kind of thing should happen more than once a year in Liverpool.

We were blessed to be next to an amazing food stall called The Side Door, the smell of there goodies was enough to make anyone hungry and we even though fed in the morning with the Casa’s own traditional scouse, for lunch we had a delicious melange of meat and houmous.

It was very busy and fortunately I had recruited or should I say begged my darling friend Lisa to help me out. She arrived mid morning nursing a hangover and a large chai tea latte. A huge thank you to Lisa for all her hard work and for taking in on the chin with regards to the insults from both me and the customers at her being late on her first day.

A big thank you to all of you who promised to keep up informed of the activity in the bumble bee hives you bought. Paul brought his money round a couple of days later and informed me that he already had his guests in the hive and getting ready for the winter in there. So the bees are in his hive already!!!!

And we will be keeping an eye on you Mary Richards to see whether your daughter-in-law gets the hive you bought for her or whether you kept it yourself!!!

We also attended the Mold Food Festival (thanks to mark at the pudding compartment stall for letting us know about it) the same weekend. That was fun filled what with great food and music along with all the local dignitaries. Lots of people told us about the Conway Honey Festival and how it has been going for many years.

Again we where looked after with regards to the culinary delights what with the coffee lady in her van on one side and Heather and her fabulous welsh cakes on the other. Followed up by the ladies dressed in medieval costume serving up the honey mead. Andrea did a great job as she always does helping everyone out with the products whilst keeping an eye on all the children eating our honey. It was so interesting to see how they made a bee line for the honey and couldn’t get enough of it.

Well this weekend we are off to Grosvenor Garden Centre along with the Celyn farmers market. We will keep you posted !!! And why not come along if you can make it (hopefully Jayne and her delicious home made bread will not be too far away).

Also we’re now taking orders for our Christmas Hampers, orders before the end of November and get a 10% discount!