Spring has sprung again !

Thank you for visiting Vonnybee.

The sign of springtime is the first bee that chooses to visit.  I say choose because I feel that we are blessed an honoured that such a busy creature comes a calling to say hello.

My friends 3 yr old son Arthur, eagerly told me about a bee landing on his mums back as she was pegging the washing out on Sunday.

“ Vonny, we had to help a bee on a plant because it was tired, and then all of a sudden it flew away and was free.” Squealed Arthur in delight.

Vonnybee is delighted to celebrate her 8th year of working with these wonderful creatures.  Over the years I have heard so many comments from people who’ve benefited from taking the products from the beehive.

Let me know if you have great stories about bees and how they’ve helped your health

Bee happy

Vonnybee x


BEE POLLEN : Hayfever fixer.

Bee Pollen has been known as the Caviar of the plant world because of it’s richness in vitamins and minerals.  Minerals are especially good at this this time of year.  They have been known to assist us when we feel run down, tired and anxious.  Lots of customers have had hay fever free summers thanks to Bee Pollen.









PROPOLIS : Keeps all those coughs and colds at bay.

Propolis is a resin the bees bring into the beehive from trees.  It is Mother Natures Natural Antiseptic, it is great to ward off any germs and bacteria. It gives your Immune System the boost it deserves in Winter.








RAW HONEY : A taste of sunshine on a cold windy day !

The benefits of eating raw honey has been known for centuries.  Honey is used widely today in hospitals throughout the world because of it’s anti-bacterial properties.  I little known fact about honey is that it is great to get rid of any excess water in your body.








VONNYBEE SKIN BALM : An intensive treatment to nourish tired skin.

Vonnybee balm is made from 100% food.  The ingredients are Organic Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Butter, Beeswax and Propolis.  Each of these ingredients have nourishing effects of any area of the skin.  They will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and smooth.  The balm is great for all skin types and is suitable for all ages.










A great gift of health for everybody.

Bursting with goodies for this time of year courtesy of the bees.









Love Vonnybee and the Bees x